Dr. Zhang Fujin (China)

Rehabilitation specialists and experts engaged in rehabilitation medicine for 38 years

Professor Wu Zhongying (China)

Group former medical consultant
Retired professor of affiliated hospital of Zhongshan Medical University
in department of Cardiovascular Medicine.

  Professor Wu Zhongying was born in 1939. She graduated from the Chinese Medical University of Shenyang. She was born in a family that came from a long line of medicine. His father was a military doctor of the famous Gerenal of nationalist party, Zhang Xueliang. Her husband was a professor of physiology and a PhD supervisor at Guangzhou Southern Medical University. The students they trained not only distributed throughtout China, but some students had obtained doctoral degrees in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Switzerland, Germany and other countries.

Professor Wu Zhongying has been engaged in clinical medical work for more than 30 years. He is engaged in the clinical teaching and research of cardiovascular diseases in the affiliated hospital of Zhongshan Medical University. He has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. He is a specialist of cardiovascular medicine. He has published medical papers in national medical journals: the Chinese Medical Association Internal Science, Journal of New Medicine, Journal of Sun Yat-sen university etc.

Professor Wu Zhongying has been engaged in nutrition and health research for more than a decade. She has been appointed as a national key scientific research project for the nutritional and health value of marine microalgae such as spirulina, and actively promoting scientific health care. She believes that the current chronic diseases that threaten human health, and drug treatment is not very satisfactory. For example: hypertension, diabetes, cancer, etc. The incidence is still rising and tend to younger people. Moreover, all drugs have some side effects. Besides taking efforts to find medicines and therapeutic methods, the application of natural remedies play an important role in health and wellness. It plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of modern chronic diseases. Professor Wu Zhongying is not only a professor, but also a nutrition and health care expert. Based on decades of clinical experience in medicine and health care, natural medicine and scientific health care have great benefits for human health.

Professor David T.W. Yew (Singapore)

Germany Heidelberg School of Medicine-Cell therapist
Washington State University in USA-Postdoctoral in Clinical Nutritional Medicine, Arizona State University
Arizona State University -MD

1.Its efficacy is very important to the whole body, especially to the nervous system and brain.

2.It has strong anti-oxidation effect, which can effectively improve resistance to degradation, disease resistance and slow aging. The atrophied cells are repowered and healthy.

3.Its function can protect and improve the health of the heart and blood vessels, make the blood flow smoothly, and improve the body’s disease resistance.

4.It can supply the energy and bio-electronics consumed by the human body in every activity, function, and metabolism, so that the body can restore energy and health, including: brain cell health recovery and damaged cell restoration.

5.The bio-electronics output are bio-energy, which can directly enter the cells to participate in the production of ATP energy in the mitochondria. Elderly have no strength, no energy. You can use this instrument to supply and increase the strength and energy of body.

6. It can make the body’s cardiovascular, meridian and lymphatic system get smooth, and the health is very good…..

7.Its efficacy can improve many brain problems, including: insomnia, brain degradation…

Dr.Waleed R.R.ALRomaih

Medical Consultant

Prince Faisal Ben Fahad Sports Medicine Hospital. - Specialist
MSc London University

Dr. Feng Xuanchao(China)

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture and Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Specialist

Dr. Qiu Shifeng(Taiwan)

Doctor of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine,
Tokyo Medical University

Main academic qualifications:Graduated from National Taiwan University, school of medicine.
Doctor of Medicine, Graduate school of medicine, Tokyo medical university.
Main experience:Lecturer and doctor in
charge in Tokyo Medical University
Professor of China Medical University
Professor of Zhongshan Medical College
Physician of national Taiwan University Hospital
Legal physician of Taiwan Hsinchu District Court
The fourth member of the Taiwan Provincial Assembly
President of Rende Senior Pharmacy School, President of Qiu Neike Hospital

Mr. Qiu Shifeng was born in Miaoli county. He graduated from the National Taiwan University of Medical Sciences. He studied in Japan and received a doctorate degree in medicine. Therefore, Mr. Qiu once practiced medicine in Japan. After returning to Taiwan, he served as a professor of Chinese Medicine, professor of Zhongshan Second Medical College, even as legal physician of a court.

As Mr. Kwok was engaged in medical education at Universities and Colleges, it had been supported by the people who had been in contact with the masses for many days; Due to personal reputation, he was selected as the fourth provincial councilor. During the service of the parliament, it paid special attention to public health and environmental protection issues and urged the relevant government departments to enrich the funds and strengthen management and regulation. So as to completely eliminated the epidemic in Taiwan.

Professor Tamura Katsuaki, Japan

Japan’s medical industry breakthrough technology「Eaulier」systemic therapeutic equipment. It has a very good effect on the health of the whole body. It will regulate the three major cycles of human body such as gas, blood and water, and all will become good! It is very suitable for people who are concerned about cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health.

Professor Kuno Nobuhiko ,Janpan

Use the「Eaulier」systemic therapeutic equipment for the electronic treatment:
1.For the health problems of the bones and joints, they have a good efficiency.
2.It can strengthen the activation of brain cells and effectively prevent brain degeneration.
3. This therapeutic equipment can not only achieve acupuncture, access meridian, access lymph, physical treatment. It is a comprehensive improvement in health and is the treatment choice for many hospitals, clinics, acupuncturists and physiotherapists.
4.Not all electronic health equipment or similar instruments have this effect. This therapeutic equipment is a high-tech
achievement of modern medicine. The scientific crystallization of Japanese scientists based on the bioelectrical characteristics of the human body. Thereby improving the body’s overall health, and has been certified by international medical testing institutions has been widely used in Japan and many countries. 5.The therapeutic equipment is the designated by our hospital for the treatment of bone and muscle.

Madam CHEUNG Kwai Lan (Hong Kong)

Group consultant

Madam CHEUNG Kwai Lan, one of the founders of China Vanguard group LTD. and the chairman, executive director and chairman of the nomination committee of the company. She is also the Chairman of the Zhang Xueliang Foundation. He graduated from Shanxi medical university. He has served as a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences at Shanxi Province. He has also been involved in the research and development of the radioactive substance cobalt 60 used for development and cancer treatment.