The chairman of the Group, Mr. Cheung Chun Luke, accepted the interview of Chinese cultural information association (subordinate to the ministry of culture and tourism of the People’s Republic of China).

The interview was published on “win in China “in 2017 to recognition of Mr. Cheung Chun Luke significant contribution

of the medical innovation of the improvement of Parkinson and other brain problem.

He also won the cover people among the 80 outstanding entrepreneurs.

This journal was published in September 2017.


Cheung Chun Luke

The Chairman of Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital

  Zhang Jun, the Chairman of Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital Co. Ltd. He used the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians and Western Medicine spectral to create Eaulier systemic current treatment method. This method is a non-invasive therapy, which can repair the human cells, and improve the Parkinson, Cerebellar problems, sequela of brain problem, Blood sugar problems and bone problems. It is a legend in the medical field and enjoy a high reputation in the international medical community. In recent years, he has been invited as a speaker in the world’s top medical forums several times and interviewed by both CCTV and Phoenix Hong Kong Channel. He committed to promoting Chinese medicine culture and helping more people to stay away from the pain.

Chinese traditional medicine expert have boundless love

The Chairman of Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital- Cheung Chun Luke

  In the medical world,Brain problems such as Parkinson and Cerebellar problems have always been regarded as scientific research bottlenecks and worldwide problems. There are countless patients have suffered the problems. Although it has been continuously researched and explored by many top medical institutions and scholars in the world, there is no substantial progress has been made. Therefore, these Brain problems have become incurable diseases and people’s desperate circumstances in the impression of many people

  In the face of this difficult time,humanity only can stop with helpless? In fact, the Chairman of Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital Co. Ltd., Mr. Cheung Chun Luke, adopting the idea of combining the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine together to create Eaulier systemic current treatment method which has successfully broken through this worldwide problem and helped many patients to regain their healthy dreams and happy life.

  Cheung Chun Luke has been engaged in brain disease research for many years. He founded Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital Co. Ltd. in 2013. He is currently the chairman and manager of the company and serves as a Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Zhang Xueliang Foundation. In 2010, Mr. Mohamed Sampil, the Ambassador of Guinea to Jakarta was suffering from a serious brain problem and was unable to perform his duties. He was recovered after treating with Eaulier systemic current treatment method and he also re-executed his duties. Mr. Mohamed Sampil’s wife who is a medical expert, graduated in the university of Paris. She though it is unbelievable that this Chinese treatment was so effective for the recovery of her husband. The couple hoped that Eaulier systemic current treatment method could help the medical care of their motherland. In Jun. 2012, Dr. Cheich Alioune CONDE and Mr. Moussa SAMPIL, who are the minister of the interior and the president of National Assembly, visited together in the home of Eaulier company in Hong Kong and Guang Zhou. They gave the company highly evaluation. They also invited Mr. Cheung Chun Luke to set up a hospital in Guinea. In the same year, Mr. Cheung Chun Luke was appointed as the counsul of Guinea in Guang Zhou. However, because he was busy in focusing on the clinical trials of Eaulier systemic current treatment method and laying the foundation for this therapy, he refused the goodwill of the Guinean government. In addition, he signed a 25-year cooperation agreement with the German hospital in Saudi Arabia and conducted a number of clinical studies in conjunction with the university of Raman. In recent years, he has also been invited to establish comprehensive and stable cooperative relations with large hospitals in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other countries. This cooperation has achieved ideal achievements.

  Cheung Chun Luke has personality of introverted, low profile and pragmatic. He also has another path to solve the problem. He advocates the civilization of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been committed to the research and development of Chinese Medicine culture for many years. He has a thorough understanding of Chinese medicine classic books and has a profound theoretical foundation of Chinese medicine, especially has a unique understanding of meridian science. He possesses the scholarship spirit as a great scholar has the capacity to accommodate all matters big and small like the ocean accepts the waters from rivers and streams. He absorbs the essence of the Western medicine actively and continue to integrate and form his own practical sentiment. He is not sticking to ancient methods and is not superstitious in western medicine. He takes the best of both advantages. It has injected new vitality into today’s medical research and medical practice.

  Cheung Chun Luke can restore a dying patient to full health, take across sentient beings universally and deserves to be an excellent healer in China. He regards patient’s suffering as the research first choice and dares to win the world-class problems. He has no hesitation to embraces the talents from Chinese and foreign medical area. They dedicated research, repeated practice and finally solved the problem in the history of human medicine. He harbors a patriotic heart, facing the invitation of many famous medical institutions in the world to cooperate and accumulate the clinical data. He refused the invitation and chose the rehabilitation established in Dalian, which is the beautiful northeast city in China. He adheres to the publication of clinical treatment cases in Chinese hospitals and branded the eye-catching Chinese logo on for Eaulier. He is indifferent to fame and fortune, broad-minded, and actively contributes his research results to the whole world and all mankind, which sending hope and happiness to patients.

Wonderful hand and heart to comfort the world

  Cheung Chun Luke come from Hong Kong. Hong Kong is not only the external window of China, but also the place where the Chinese and Western civilizations meet and collide. Hong Kong’s unique geographical advantages and humanities make Cheung Chun Luke not only have the persistence of Chinese Traditional culture, but also have open and inclusive tolerance to widely adopt the strengths of all people and the advantages of all aspects.

  In practice, Cheung Chun Luke feels unprecedented pressure and anxiety in the face of more and more patients suffered from brain diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and brain degeneration. First, the sick population is expanding. This disease is not related to occupation, age and gender, and there is a risk of illness from the old to the pre-school children. Second, the current medical treatment is not effective. Humans have not been able to find the ideal treatment. General medications, surgery and other methods can not solve the underlying problems, and the side effects are increasingly prominent. Third, the patients suffer from abnormal pain. Under the double torture of the body and the mind, they lose the confidence in life and becomes a family misfortune.

At the same time, he also consulted the most cutting-edge medical materials, and the conclusion of which is “the research has never stopped, but the prospects are confusing.” Since then, he has made up his mind to specialize in the treatment of brain disease such as Parkinson’s disease and brain degeneration.

As the research progressed, he discovered that these brain diseases are caused by cell damage in the brain. Therefore, repairing of damaged cells in the brain is the key issue. Obviously, the general drug treatment has already encountered bottlenecks. Where is the other way? Through in-depth thinking and repeated research, he has set his sights on the Traditional Chinese meridian theory. Through the acupoint stimulation method to activate the potential awareness of cells, the three microcirculation systems of ventilation, blood and water are used to adjust and promote the metabolism of the human body. Therefore, the damaged cell can be regenerated and recovered.

Since then, he has tried a variety of methods, and finally found inspiration in the field of medical electronics, leading professionals to use the wavelength therapy to achieve brain cells repair and regeneration.

The research on the repair of brain cells by the theory of combining the best of China and foreign countries unprecedented before and different from one another. Therefore, when he was concentrating on research, many people held a wait-and-see attitude and talked for a while. Even if he publishes his research results, the medical profession in Hong Kong still has constant argues. Although, Eaulier systemic current treatment method was not valued or optimistic at the time of its birth, Cheung Chun Luke always strengthened his confidence and did not waver. In the course of research, this method has already created a precedent for the treatment of Parkinson and Brain problems.

What is most unexpected in Hong Kong’s medical community is that Cheung Chun Luke’s Eaulier systemic current treatment method has set off a strong storm in the world of medical fields. The invitations from Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries have arrived to invite Cheung Chun Luke to give a report. They also have established medical cooperation relations. A top-class German hospital in Saudi also offered him the most advanced research conditions and the most superior research environment for the intention of publishing clinical treatment cases in the name of the German Hospital in Saudi.

In the face of this, Cheung Chun Luke did not swerve on them. He invested more than 30 million resolutely to set up a brand-new hospital in Dalian, Liaoning Province- Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital Co. Ltd. Because he is a Chinese and Eaulier convalescent hospital belongs to China. Therefore, the clinical cases must be announced by Chinese Hospitals. This is not only the glory of the nation, but also the dignity of the country.

As the world’s first brain disease that has not been cured by the current medical method such as Parkinson, Cheung Chun Luke has led a large number of internationally renowned experts to systematically study and treat different diseases since the establishment of Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital Co. Ltd. He treated different diseases such as , nervous system degeneration, Parkinson, Brain problems. He is the first person who successfully completed the clinical report of the treatment of Parkinson and created a new medical miracle.

Practice has proved that Eaulier systemic current treatment method does not take medicine, no injection, no surgery, and no side effects. It is a safe, reliable, simple and convenient method. As long as the patient’s actively cooperation, the treatment can achieve the desired effect of improvement.

A well-respected person saves people from illness and treats all difficulties

Now, when you walk into Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital Co. Ltd., you will be attracted by the beautiful natural scenery, the friendly medical staff, the clean and tidy rehabilitation environment. It will also be infected by a rehabilitation patient with a happy smile on his face.

Successfully improve children with degeneration of the Cerebellar degeneration and make their children have a complete life. In 2015, Eaulier convalescent hospital had successfully treated a 7-year-old child, named Liang Kaiqing. The girl suffered serious cerebellar degeneration. She was diagnosed at the Hong Kong hospital 1.5 years old. Until the age of 7 years old she cannot stand by herself. She cannot walk steadily and very easy to fall. After 20 days using Eaulier systemic current treatment method, her physical strength had been greatly improved, her walking posture was clearly correct, and her stability was significantly enhanced. After 40 days, the little girl’s progress was more obvious, and the waist was obviously powerful. After 2 months of treatment, the little girl returned to Hong Kong to go to school. At this time, she had been able to walk independently and stably, and the walking posture was standard and walking speed were basically the same as the normal children. Only when she was in the mall, she needed other people to take care of. There was also a Hong Kong child with cerebellar degeneration. He walked and looked confused. He was diagnosed by the Hong Kong Hospital that he cannot be treated and informed the child’s parents. The child did not need to go to school, which suggesting the parents to give up. The family was helpless and asked Cheung Chun Luke for help. With the idea of governance, Cheung Chun Luke adopted Eaulier systemic current treatment method and achieved comprehensive improvement in one year. Nowadays, the child who had ever been unable to walk normally and cannot concentrate on their lives is completely normal and do everything by himself. He has completed the college entrance examination and stepped into a new life.

Successfully improved the elderly patients with Parkinson, bringing laughter to the persons later years in life. The former deputy director of the National People's Congress of Dalian, Mr. Liang Zengbiao, suffered from the Parkinson at the age of 64 years old and atrial fibrillation for many years. In 2015, Mr. Liang, who was 75 years old, came to Eaulier convalescent hospital for treating. In just three months, his physical condition was significantly improved, and he was completely getting rid of the 11 years’ shackles. After the improvement, Mr. Liang was not only quick-minded, fluent in language, accurate in expression, but also flexible in action. He was almost the different people comparing to pretherapy. Dongguan patient, Ms. Zhang Wei, had been sick for 6 years. She went everywhere relying on wheelchair. By using Eaulier systemic current treatment method, brain cell therapy and PT (exercise therapy), he can walk independently after 8 days of treatment. He didn’t need wheelchair and the left leg pain had been improved significantly. After 30 days treatment, his walking step was increased, and stability was stronger. After 80 days treatment, the left leg pain completely disappeared. His walking strength increases, and the gait is normal as the normal person. Mr. Zhang Dechun, a 71 years old businessman from Dalian, was sick for nearly 3 years. By using Eaulier systemic current treatment method, he began to reduce the amount of medication gradually. After 43 days of treatment, the drugs were completely stopped; after 52 days of treatment, he can walk, run, go up and down the stairs, and help his wife lift the heavy products. For the treatment effect, he and his family felt unimaginable. In addition, Ms. Zheng Renshu, who is the mother-in-law of the president of Dalian university, was suffering from illness for 6 years. She had miraculously returned to normal life after using Eaulier systemic current treatment method. Mr. Peng, 80 years old, who had been suffering from illness for 15 years, had also miraculously returned back to the normal life. Practice has proved that the younger patients with shorter duration of treatment have better therapeutic effects.

Successfully improved children in Russia and sent laughter to their childhood. Russian child Arthur can call father and mother 3 years old after he was born. His parents found that the child’s language function was not perfect. They cannot communicate with each other easily, and they were indifferent and unfriendly with their parents. After 15 days of treatment, Arthur’s symptoms of were significantly reduced. The child began to communicate with body language and actively cooperated with doctor with the treatment. He not only learned how to say his name, but also established a digital concept. His patience and attention have been significantly improved. At present, the child has improved significantly.

In addition, Eaulier systemic current treatment method has successfully improved brain diseases such as brain sequela, Brain problems and so on. This method has become the preferred method in the world.
In 2012, Cheung Chun Luke had been invited by the world’s top private hospital to sign the 25-year contract that cooperated with the eight hospitals for the full range of Chinese medicine services in the Middle and North African region. The cooperation project was managed by Chinese doctors, nurses and therapists, and achieve equal pay for equal work among doctors and nurses. In addition, Eaulier convalescent hospital Co. Ltd. had officially cooperated with the Tunku Abdul Rahman university in Malaysia. Comprehensively carry out clinical research on human brain degeneration, cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal problem and anti-aging problems. And cooperate with the local hospital and clinic to send a healthy gospel to the local residence.

In the field of Brain problems treatment in the world, Cheung Chun Luke’s Eaulier systemic current treatment method is superb and outstanding. It is a remarkable milestone in the history of human health. However, the Chairman of Cheung Chun Luke did not stop. In his mind, he also had a more magnificent blueprint for Chinese medical development: Eaulier is nominated for the Nobel Prize in the name of Chinese hospitals and Chinese doctors. Taking China as the starting point, the unique Eaulier systemic current treatment method with the cooperation of the Chinese medical personnel and Chinese medicines have been carried forward in various regions of the world to further enhance the status of Chinese medicine and Chinese people. Through hard work, they want to set up Eaulier convalescent hospital, that is elderly rehabilitation hospital, in every city in the world. Each district has an Eaulier rehabilitation center to send health services to these people who are in the sub-health state.

We believe this ambitious goal is not far away and this beautiful blueprint is about to be realized!

Let us wait and see!