The Group’s Convalescent hospital

The first China-Hong Kong cooperative rehabilitation hospital
Located in: national AAAAA level holiday resort-Dalian’s Gold Coast
Beautiful environment (recognized as the 40 most beautiful scenic spots in China by CNN)

Recovery treatment:

Parkinson's problem, cerebellum problem, sequela of brain problem, brain degeneration,Self-enclosed, blood pressure, blood sugar, hypofunction, insomnia, pain, etc.

Service scope and features:
 Covers an area of more than 100,000 square feet
 150 inpatients beds
 Hospitalization and rehabilitation
 Unique therapy to repair cell atrophy, light wave therapy, OT, PT, language therapy, Orthodontic treatment and physical therapy, etc.
 MRI magnetic resonance, heart and brain detection, blood analysis, 4D color ultrasound, X-ray and other advanced testing equipment
 Using high-tech medical instruments with in-depth treatment to promote cell function recovery

 Treatment with unique method. Combined with various advanced rehabilitation equipment and physical therapy (including acupuncture and other rehabilitation physiotherapy), professional nutrition design, health diet and so on.
 Western medicine, emergency room, advanced testing, medical equipment, well prepared with all kinds of medical things.
 The holiday resort environment is combined with comprehensive, professional, advanced and powerful rehabilitation treatment to provide patients with comprehensive rehabilitation and at the same time improve physical function and health.
 Hotel-style comfortable environment with Hong Kong-style management enable patients to enjoy different resort-style rehabilitation treatments.

Various rehabilitation equipment’s

Others include:
Diagnosis and treatment of language disorders
Various systems, etc.