It is an indisputable fact that Hong Kong society is going to the retrogradation, and it is a problem that everyone must face sooner or later. Social retrogradation, one of the important items is medicine and health care. The natural focus is on the elderly. The society and the government can have pre-emptive and even investment, but they may not be able to solve the problem. The most important thing is that we need a method or a way. Can we do more work on this matter?
Anchorperson:Dear viewers, it’s time to break the current affairs. Retrogradation of the Hong Kong society is a well-known problem to everyone. There are many problems in the elderly. It is not easy for the Hong Kong People to look after the elderly because of these problems. If the question of the elderly’s illness is not necessary to face up? Today, there is a guest will discuss this issue with us. Today’s guest is Mr. Cheung Chun Luke, founder of the subhealth research center.
Cheung Chun Luke:Hello!
Anchorperson:Hello, Mr. Cheung!Welcome to discuss with us. I just say that your institute’s name is subhealth research center, but people does not know what is called sub-health.
Cheung Chun Luke:In fact, sub-health is usually that everyone will recession, aging, and get sick. Actually, sub-health is the beginning of senescence. There is a period before the start of illness is sub-health state. The most important point of which is we are now getting more and more serious problems in the society and senescence. Then we specialized in sub-health more than a decade ago, that is, to study the diseases of the brain, Parkinson’s disease, brain degeneration, sequelae of brain, and the cerebellar problems. At that time, the average age was usually 70 years old. Now it is 87 years old. The most longevously place in the world is Hong Kong. Then it has become older, and there are many degenerative diseases. It seems that the problem of Parkinson, brain degeneration, and brain problems have all appeared one after another.
Anchorperson:I want to insert a sentence, is if sub-health can be understood in this way, that is to say, when you have a disease, it is not ever sub-health. Let me give an example, When I am getting older, I start to find that I was not very strong when I stood up again. Some people say that when they are getting older, they have loose bone substance, and it is useless to eat any medicine.
Cheung Chun Luke:This problem has been onset around the age of 60.
Anchorperson:That is to say, these problems that you began to pay attention to in 40s and 50s are sub-health issues. Can you say like this?
Cheung Chun Luke:In fact, according to the report of the World Health Organization: 15% of people are truly healthy, 15% people are real patients, and 70% are sub-health people. Then how do we enable sub-health people to have methodological care? This is our main research topic.
Anchorperson:That is to say, if you do not study sub-health problems, many people may become patients. If you can handle it well, you can improve it. Does it mean this?
Cheung Chun Luke: Like the osteoporosis problem you just said, this is a commonplace. Everyone will experience this problem in their lifetime, so how can we make our bones consolidate? There are many methods. Now the society is to see a doctor, then the doctor will prescript some chondroitin. All kinds of drugs used to supply calcium. However, the effect may not be so good. Then our research method is how to strengthen the bone substance. How to do it? For example, a 65 years old elderly man, his knee has begun to degenerate (anchorperson:Are you talking about me? I’m 65 years old). He cannot squat. Then his bone problem may be obesity, so that the knee is overstressed, and unable to squat. The knees are deformed. Usually, in modern medicine, doctors prescribe some analgesics for patients to eat. Generally, he will tell you not to eat too much, because the painkillers are always not good for the body. (anchorperson:there are side effects). There are many side effects. Then if you cannot tolerant the pain, he will inject some collagen into the painful place to increase the cartilage which is the place makes our knees less painful. But usually it doesn’t work after a few years, and the cost of the drug is expensive. One needle will cost lots of money. After 65 years old, the Hong Kong Government is so good that you can arrange a schedule for the operation. The knees are changed by the metal replacement items. Because the average lifetime previously is 70s, so only once changeable surgery is enough. And the government’s resources are very valuable. However, the present problem is that the 90 years old persons are not common, because the average lifetime is 80s.
Anchorperson:That is to say, changing once (knee) may not work.
Cheung Chun Luke:Change once is impossible and the elderly cannot bear for changing twice. Our method is to let their cartilage tissue born, so there is no need for surgery. This is usually something that the medical field thinks is impossible. How to make cartilage tissue come out? We are specializing in this study. How to go through the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and through acupuncture points to stimulate cartilage grow? There is nobody believe this before, and now there are many patients in our center are suffering from this problem. This had not medical treatment method before.
Anchorperson:I just gave an example what you just have mentioned. But the elderly disease is not only osteoporosis, other diseases such as Parkinson’s disease etc. Is this principle the same?
Cheung Chun Luke: Actually, it is the same. As far as Chinese medicine is concerned, the human body is a whole. We must do everything well, just like the circulation system of blood vessels system, blood circulation system, water circulation system and gas circulation system. If these three systems are good, then our disease will reduce, and we will slowly resist the disease, and our immune system will be strong. Because usually if we are sick, our immune system is not good enough, and some meridians blocked. So that we get diseases. Then, our research method for more than ten years is to study how to make the cells receive three kinds of nutrients, so that the immune system or the metabolic system is normal. As we all known, Parkinson’s disease is an incurable disease which considered by the modern society which including brain degeneration and cerebella problems. Experts from all over the world, including the protagonist Michael J. Fox who is the actor of “Back to the Future”. He is also suffering from the Parkinson’s disease. At the age of 29 years old, he invested billions of dollars to set up a fund. He employed the best experts and scientists to study this disease. He hoped to find a method to cure the disease. However, he is not succeeded. Then how can we succeed? Actually, it is a luck. We started research more than ten years ago. I have invited many experts, such as biologists, and electronic experts to study a kind of electricity, which called the square wave in the Western countries. This square wave theory has been more than 100 years. Our Chinese Medicine, my company has a lot of Chinese medicine practitioners, take the use of meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has activated the damaged cells to gradually recover. For example, the Parkinson’s disease. The substantia nigra under the midbrain cannot produce a lot of dopamine. And what about dopamine? There is a drug called Levodopa, which was developed by a Swiss scientist in the 1960s. This is the golden rule of every Parkinson’s disease which must use this kind of drugs. The drug was very great, and the Swedish scientist won the Nobel Prize in 2000. However, this medicine has a problem, that is the more the medicine we eat, the more it need to take next time. It can keep our normal at the beginning after we take. We may eat it once every three or four hours. It may be eaten 3 or 4 times for one day. At last, the medicine is not effective for our disease, and any other medicine is invalid.
Anchorperson:that is the drug resistance.
Cheung Chun Luke: The symptoms of the drug which mean we take any medicine is invalid. We began to get more and more painful at this time. There are five periods in the Parkinson’s disease. In the fifth period, we cannot move the body although our mind is clear. For example, Ali, the boxing champion. He has the best doctor and the best help care, but he is dead on the sequela of the Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, this is a very difficult disease. And brain degeneration also like this so far.
Anchorperson:That is to say, no matter how successful the drug is, it cannot be perfect, and it is even more impossible to be cured.
Cheung Chun Luke:And the most important thing is to take medicine for life. We all know that drugs are very expensive. Many patients said, “I don’t want to eat the drugs that the government hospital gives me”. In fact, these drugs are very expensive, and the monthly drug costs are thousands or so. The burden on our government is very heavy. We have succeeded about 6-7 years ago. We know that this disease can be done without taking medicine, injections and surgery. Actually, we have succeeded. So how to prove that we are successful, this is not easy in medical field.
Anchorperson:I don’t know this question.
Anchorperson:This story is interesting. I will go back and search. Please continue to talk. Anchorperson: welcome to continue to watch the current affairs. Today’s guest is Mr. Cheung Chun Luke, founder of the subhealth research center. I just let you to drink tea, which stop you from continuing to tell the story. Before you finish your story, I want to ask a question that may speed up you to give me the answer as soon as possible. Because it is often said that the biggest difference between Chinese medicine practitioners and western doctors is that we are saying that “if there is a headache, we will cure the head; if there is a foot painful, we will cure the foot.” The Chinese medicine is about taking good care about the body, like what you have just said the whole and molding. So, I extended it to this, “this is a kind of method, which western doctor is considered to be a method, but Chinese medicine is considered to be a kind of belief. That is to say, I believe that it is the legal and medical virtue of psychology. No matter you believe it or not. Is your story related to this?
Cheung Chun Luke: Actually, I don’t think it is a kind of faith, because we have done a lot of efforts in Chinese medicine for five thousand years in China. But there is no scientific evidence in the difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine. There is no scientific evidence in the prescription, because mainstream medicine is based on the western medicine.
Anchorperson:From the perspective of the western side, I feel that you have no evidence?
Cheung Chun Luke: Yes. I think so. Why should I open a hospital? (Anchorperson: continue to tell your story). Therefore, I have to follow the method of the western side. I have to open a hospital. What does this hospital do? There are patients in the hospital, and patients can receive my treatment ever day. So, I opened a hospital in China a few years ago. At that time, I was not allowed to open a hospital in Hong Kong. There was no such policy. Then I worked hard and finally opened a hospital. In the past few years, I have been very successful. I have empirical evidence. What has been done every day for the patients, and what treatments were used. All of which were recorded. In 2016, I successfully collected 44 examples of patients with Parkinson’s disease. I think this is the world’s first case study, which proves that the Parkinson’s disease is medically available. Also, it can be extended to other diseases of brain degeneration, as well as autism. I really want to talk about the autism. My case study is published in medical journals. In addition, there also have a university, that is the university of Dubai, and it is also widely informed to their people, that is tell them my methods. The question you have just said, in fact, is really a historic question. How to do one thing well? How to combine Chinese medicine with Western medicine together? This is a very awkward topic. I think this is to open a seminar to make it clear. What I am doing now is to use the theory of the wavelength combined with the meridians of our Chinese medicine, to describe why can I treat the Parkinson’s disease. Because in my opinion, 70% of the brain cells of human body are dormant cells, which has been confirmed by the medical community. The most powerful people use only 30% of the cells, and the common people usually use more than 10%. Then my method is to open up three channels, that is make the dormant cells active, replace the dead cells, or make the metabolism more perfect. For example, I cannot control my hand. Why is it shaking, because it cannot be controlled. Why cannot walk? Why the body is stiff? Why do you have constipation? All aspects are control problems. It is completely a matter of how to control the head. Our approach is to help the brain cells to control themselves.
Anchorperson:The question come back to argumentation, that is to say, the medical magazines, publications, and universities accepted by the medical school, is it at the end of the so-called recognition? How can we do it? Is it necessary to go to WHO that can control these problems?
Cheung Chun Luke: Everything that makes the world agree need a very embarrassing time and it is not easy. But you have to work hard. For example, if we open a hospital to help the patients, we now have a dozen children with autism. I am doing this research. Everything needs to be studied, although it may not be accurate after the research. If you want to follow up with other universities or medical institutions, at least three or four universities or medical institutions, then this therapy can slowly move towards success. But we must do it. We must do it according to this medical method, then my first step success. There are second, third and fourth steps. I also communicate with other universities, that how to do this? How to make the recognition more widely? This is a very awkward road, but it is worthful. Because I am driving a hospital in China, my doctor is Chinese doctors who uses our therapy to treat these diseases. Everyone has expectations, isn’t it? My expectation is to use the Chinese doctors and Chinese hospitals to nominate the Nobel Prize. Because this disease was not medically curable before. Why do I have to deal with the Parkinson’s disease? Because the medicine of the Western medicine is surrendering, then this is my entry point. In fact, my Chinese medicine treatment is just like the osteoporosis that I just talked about. I can treat many kinds of diseases. But the Parkinson’s disease which is my main focus on is my first plan to do. Then the brain degeneration and autism. Do you know that 1% of the world’s people have autism, and the population of 76 million is autistic? This was proposed by an autistic organization in the United States last year. There are 76 million people who are autistic.
Anchorperson:You said that the Nobel Prize is far away from me. The World Health Organization is closer, and the country recognizes is closer. Then much closer. Can we communicate with the Hong Kong SAR Government, or Hong Kong’s medical profession field?
Cheung Chun Luke: Actually, I have been working hard to do this in the past ten years, but I have to do some results to show them. Then I have a report at the end of 2016. Of course, this is not very powerful institution. But I have done it step by step. Today, I am able to get your invitation to come here is that I want to the society know I am doing this. There is a Hong Kong person, which also a Chinese person is doing this. And it is successful. But how to make it more successful? My individual power is limit, and I have been very courageous to do so.
Anchorperson:The most important thing is that in addition to people, it still needs more time?
Cheung Chun Luke: Actually, I don’t need much longer time.
Anchorperson:But you have a large number of this kind of cases, medical cases, and what you have just mentioned the official certification. You can do others. Why does it take short time?
Cheung Chun Luke: That is absolutely necessary. In all aspects, you need human assistance, social recognition, and medical attention. Because my method is unexpected. Doctors usually prescribe drugs and injections, but we are another way. We are non-invasive method. Others can recover well and are really effective.
Anchorperson:Do you have any fellow practitioners?
Cheung Chun Luke: I hope there are many persons to progress step by step. Some doctors are very good. For example,Dr. Liang shufang from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She agrees with me and also writes an article to thank us because she thought we did good job. There are some people, but not much.
Anchorperson:That is to say, this matter is just the beginning for you. There is period of times that you can get the approval from all aspects of the society. And you need to work hard.
Cheung Chun Luke: I appreciate that our method is non-invasive. To know every new method. If you help 100 patients and one have problem, then this method has not yet been accepted. I am very fortunate that this method is not invasive and will not cause patients to suffer from pain. It is very comfortable for the patients to use.
Anchorperson:That is to say, no need to take an injection?
Cheung Chun Luke: No need. No need to eat medicine, too. So, I hope that the government or the country will find more people to study this topic, and everyone will work together to do this. It was originally that a chronic disease was to be taken for life, including diabetes. We are doing very well. This is the fact and we have a lot of evidence. Of course, it is not enough for others to recognize. I still need a lot of helpers. We need the helpers in the medical fields. Although I am not the same way as them, there is no harm to the patients, and we don’t need the government to invest much. This method doesn’t take medicine for life. Isn’t it good for our medical treatment? I am very eager the medical community to understand us. It is important to understand why this method can be obtained by doctors, and the government can support us, that is support all aspects. I dare to speak today that I cannot say before. However, nowadays, I can make it possible to walk which is impossible before. Everything else is OK. It sounds funny, but in fact we can do it. We have many examples. Our hospital has a daily registration. Experts are welcome to come and discuss with us. I can ask the patients to consult their improvement. This is a very happy thing.
Anchorperson:I hope that there will be opportunities for the people in medical community in Hong Kong, as well as the government and the state, to get as much pipeline as possible to come up with your ideas. But everything is difficult at the beginning.
Cheung Chun Luke: Absolutely. A new method can help people. We don’t have to suffer from drugs for a whole lifetime. I think it is worth promoting. Then I am doing this, I have been doing it for more than 10 years, and I hope that I will continue to promote it step by step.
Anchorperson:Right. You cannot just talk, but also think and do. Hope everyone will do it from this road. Thank you, Mr. Cheung, for introducing his own ideas today.
Cheung Chun Luke: You are welcome.
Anchorperson:To decipher the current affairs, and it will be continued in the next time.