Accepted the special interview by China Central Television Published the article related good effect for various brain problems by Eaulier systemic current treatment method CCTV interviews the chairman of our company Interpretation of acupuncture-free, non-invasive Eaulier systemic current treatment method to control various health problems In Feb. 2017, the Chairman of the Group,Cheung Chun Luke, was also invited by China Central Television (CCTV) as a representative of China rehabilitation hospital. He was interviewed on the “Ling Hang” program and showed numbers of successful cases and explain the effect of various health problems controlled by non-invasive Eaulier systemic current treatment method.

YUE Yuan: Hello, everyone! Welcome to watch our program today. I’m YUE Yuan. Rehabilitation treatment has always been an important part in modern medicine. With the opening of China’s policies, as well as the imported of relevant experience and technologies from overseas countries, the rehabilitation treatment industry of China is gradually growing, with increasing market shares. We invited an honored guest to our program today. He is also a participant of the industry. Let’s talk with him.Mr. CHEUNG, You said that your hospital is in Dalian, isn’t it?

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes.

YUE Yuan: However, I found your accent is different from those in Dalian while talking with you just now.

Mr. CHEUNG :I come from Hong Kong.

YUE Yuan: Hong Kong?

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes.

YUE Yuan: Why did you set up a hospital in Dalian as you are from Hong Kong?

Mr. CHEUNG :Because, 5-6 years ago, I ran a rehabilitation clinic in Dalian with the purpose of helping patients with Parkinson free of charge. It provided free treatments for patients with Parkinson. Because I wanted to get evidence that Parkinson can be cured.Because in the past 10 years, I dedicated to specific research for the Parkinson’s treatment method.

YUE Yuan: You wanted to get proofs, right?

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes. I wanted to get this research started. Thus, I opened a clinic in Dalian. Then, the president of this hospital told me that he could help me to open a hospital. At that time, opening a hospital in mainland China was considered impossible for a person come from Hong Kong. I accepted his proposal. Because I really needed to obtain the case studies on Parkinson. So, I said OK. I was looking forward to open a hospital that can help patients with Brain problems. Thus, I decided to open this hospital mainly to treat patients with Parkinson, Brain problems and Cerebellar problems.

YUE Yuan: Your hospital mainly targets Brain problems rehabilitation?

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes, you’re right.

YUE Yuan: When we mention rehabilitation, most people will think of rehabilitation of bone fracture. For example, if I broke my leg, I will go to the hospital to get a set of physiotherapy, etc.

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes.

YUE Yuan: I have hardly ever heard of brain rehabilitation.

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes, there are no other treatment method like this in the world. As you know, Brain problems, such as Parkinson and Brain problems, are incurable even in foreign countries. For example, the king of boxing ali-haj suffered from Parkinson for 32 years and died of the side effects of the drugs that mitigate the symptoms of Parkinson. Another case is Michael j Fox, the actor in “back to the future”. He was diagnosed with Parkinson at the age of 29.His disease has yet to be cured. He participated in a foundation for the treatment of Parkinson, invested billions of dollars to hire the experts and medical scientists to study how to treat this disease. However, a cure has yet to be found. He is still working on it. However, we are lucky. We have found a very good method to treat and manage this disease. Moreover, we have proved that this method is very effective in treating Parkinson in a clinical study in our hospital over the past three years.

YUE Yuan: So, Parkinson does not only affect the elderly. As you mentioned before, a person can be diagnosed with this disease when he was only 29 years old.

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes. More and more young people are diagnosed with the disease now. Some people aged between 30 and 40 also suffers from this disease.

YUE Yuan: Brain rehabilitation As we all know, many large general hospitals and Grade A Class 3 hospital in China have rehabilitation and training centers in their orthopedics departments.

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes.

YUE Yuan: However, there are almost no brain rehabilitation departments. I’ve never heard of it.Then, what do you think of the status of this rehabilitation subject in China?

Mr. CHEUNG :Our rehabilitation hospital should be an emerging industry. The aging population is increasingly troubled by chronic and age-related diseases. So, our convalescent hospital has a lot of potential. The market is very big. However, foreign countries have yet to make any progresses in such rehabilitation treatment since the 1990s.Just stay at one point, no further progress. China has a big market, with many patients needing our help. So, we hope our rehabilitation hospital can find more and more treatment methods for such diseases through research, development and innovation. So, I believe our country will be more advanced than Western countries, with better treatment for such diseases.

YUE Yuan: What are the differences between the large-scale hospitals’ rehabilitation departments and your hospital?

Mr. CHEUNG :Actually, they are very similar. What should we see is what we can do? Rehabilitation hospitals have better equipment, more professional talents, bigger space and more beds. Another thing is that there are a lot of patients with many different kinds of diseases in general hospitals. Thus, medical equipment, such as X-ray and MRI, are often in shortage. Therefore, patients have to wait for long periods before testing and diagnosis services.

YUE Yuan: Not to mention treatment, patients may even fail to get register.

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes, that’s right.

Mr. CHEUNG :So, our rehabilitation hospital can actually lessen the load of the general hospitals by sharing patients with them. Also, patients with acute diseases go back home after surgeries because of loading problem in general hospitals They usually have to lie on a bed, sit on a wheelchair or use a cane after returning to their homes. They are not completely cured. Convalescent hospitals may offer great help in this regard.

YUE Yuan: You have just mentioned that your hospital is one of the rare professional rehabilitation hospitals for patients with such symptoms.

Mr. CHEUNG : Yes.

YUE Yuan: Do you have some special treatment methods?

Mr. CHEUNG : We are using the Eaulier therapy, which repairs cells without using drugs, injection or non-invasion. The therapy has no side effects and can make cells function again.It can also be used in brain cells effectively. We have a medical team specific for the research of this therapy over the past 10 years.I combine the theory of Western wavelength with the theory of meridian in traditional Chinese medicine together to activate the cells. I break through the energy and blood channels of dead cells with metabolic means, injecting nutrition to the cells. Then, the cells are activated. So, this is an innovative treatment method. I think this is unimaginable to Western medicine. However, there is a way for activating cells through meridian channels in traditional Chinese medicine? Yes.

YUE Yuan: Is this wavelength therapy a physical therapy?

Mr. CHEUNG : Actually, we call it Frequency Medicine. We use this. We use this wavelength. Western countries have been studying wavelength for a long time and we have find the way to accurately use them We are the first hospital to treat the disease with the square waves. The first hospital in the world.

YUE Yuan: How about the meridian channels-based therapy? Does it adopt drugs or special approaches?

Mr. CHEUNG : We don’t use any drugs.

YUE Yuan: Don’t use any drugs at all?

Mr. CHEUNG : Yes. We don’t use invasive therapies, so there is no injuries.

YUE Yuan: There is also no acupuncture and moxibustion?

Mr. CHEUNG : Yes, we don’t need acupuncture and moxibustion. We use a new type of method, injecting electric square wave into humans’ bodies – we call it “acupoint activation”. What is the acupoint in traditional Chinese medicine? It’s like a transportation hub. For example, if I was a patient with diabetes mellitus, I would have problematic cells in my pancreas. So the question is how to activate those cells. Actually, we get through three circulations: the circulations of blood, Qi and water. So, our therapy has a positive effect on all kinds of diseases and is most useful for disease prevention. However, we mainly use this therapy to treat patients with Brain problems like Parkinson and Brain problems, which are confirmed incurable by modern Western medicine. So, I hope traditional Chinese medicine professionals and other Chinese doctors can cooperate in the future to study how to treat diseases with meridian channels. Of course, medical cases studies and clinical trials are necessary in medicine to provide proof for the treatment. So, we needed to research carefully and slowly, which consumes a lot of time. We spent the past over 10 years researching how to treat Brain problems which are the most difficult diseases to treat. And, we have succeeded. Therefore, the therapy should have similar results in the treatment of other diseases

YUE Yuan: because it’s very difficult to treat Brain problems. (Yes.)So can we prevent diseases? Should we only be concerned once the diseases occur?

Mr. CHEUNG : The fact is we can prevent diseases. According to previous concept, there are many ways to achieve this goal. Because when we get through people’s blood vessels, Qi channels and water channels to make the body’s healthy In traditional Chinese medicine, it’s uneasy for people to be attacked by Brain problems if there’s enough Qi and oxygen in their brains. Usually, Aftermath of brain problems when there’s insufficient supply of Qi and blood in humans’ bodies. If we could supply enough oxygen and blood to the brain, it’s definitely possible to prevent these diseases.

YUE Yuan: Are there any successful cases?

Mr. CHEUNG : Yes. There are many successful cases. But I don’t work in a hospital now. There are no good records. I run three such centers in Hong Kong, which have helped a lot of patients. However, there is not a good system. So I launched the hospital here and employed some professional talents to record how they treat patients. We have a complete record, which provides the medical community with a reliable condition.

YUE Yuan: Let’s watch this video.

The patient had suffered from Parkinson for more than five years. Her hands shake and legs are painful during walking. It’s difficult for her to talk. (Her disease turned out to be more serious two months before admission. It’s very painful. I was able to buy vegetables and walk the dog before. However, I can’t do those things now. I had to sit on a wheelchair when I went to the hospital. I didn’t feel painful after admission for 50 days. I have been able to go upstairs or downstairs all by myself since about 80 days after I arrived here. I can also run and my life has returned to normal.

Mr. CHEUNG : There is another patient. He is a very famous chef. He was even interviewed by CNN, BBC and KBSI. The patient was honored as an excellent chef in Hong Kong for five years. A CCTV program has once interviewed him and made a special series for him. He was attacked by Parkinson when he was above 60 years old. He was unable to take care of himself. And wanted to kill himself. That is to say, he intended to commit suicide. He was completely cured after being treated by us for nine months. This is also a very good example.

YUE Yuan: Let’s have a look.

Besides shaking, he usually thinks about some negative things. I was attacked by a Aftermath of brain problems in 2007 and my right leg started to shake about three years ago after my Aftermath of brain problems was cured. My hands started to shake last November. Besides hand shaking, leg shaking and constipation, I am powerless. I usually think about some negative things and even want to kill myself. The patient became healthy again nine months later.

YUE Yuan: OK. Thank you.

Mr. CHEUNG : He was cured. Since then, he has been able to control himself again. He can go to work all by himself.

YUE Yuan: We’ve watched two videos and the states of the two people are very different. (Yes).They used to shake seriously, but are very energetic now.(Yes)

Mr. CHEUNG :another seven-years-old girl was confirmed to be attacked by Cerebellar problems when she was only one and a half years old. A Hong Kong hospital diagnosed that she has Cerebellar problems. Cerebellar problems is incurable disease. No medicine can cure this disease. But her parents are very good. They didn’t give up. Over the past more than six years, they sought good ways to treat his daughter every day and every year. He found us last year and we enabled his daughter to walk again and return to normal life within approximately two months.

Her name is LIANG Kingsway do you send your daughter to our Eaulier hospital? Because of Cerebellar problems. She was found the problem when she was one and a half years old. How old is your daughter now? Seven years old. She was unable to stand up when she was about 1 years old. Now she can stand up, but is not stable. Besides, she cannot walk stably either. About 40 days later. She can walk more stable than before, can’t she? Yes. She is more powerful, too. No, no, no…The patient returned to school in Hong Kong two months later. She is able to walk stably, with an increasingly standard posture. She continued to receive treatment at home in Hong Kong and her condition kept improving. Her teachers said the girl usually performs very well and she got full scores in tests.

Mr. CHEUNG :Usually, children with Cerebellar problems have to sit on a wheelchair and be attended by their family members for their entire lives. She can become better and better, go to school and focus her attention. That means she will become normal. The case is unavailable in the entire world.

YUE Yuan: So, she can not only walk normally, but also think and live as a normal girl. Yes.

Mr. CHEUNG :That’s not easy.

YUE Yuan: What we watched just now are your successful disease treating cases. (Yes.) Are there any good ways for the prevention of disease?

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes. As what I mentioned before, the most important function of our therapy is that it can prevent diseases, and this is the most important information we would like to pass. Chinese people don’t go to hospital to receive injections or be hospitalized until their diseases are very serious. Our therapy enables people to predict their diseases before they are attacked by the diseases. Many people may prevent diseases before they are attacked by them. That is worth promoting very much. However, it takes time to change people’s minds. It also requires insiders of the medical industry to cooperate with each other to promote disease prevention. This is very important.

My name is LIANG Zengbiao. I’m 75 years old. I have suffered from Parkinson for 11 years. I’ve been in the hospital for three months. The treatment for my disease here is very effective. The Eaulier therapy method is really effective in treating Parkinson. However, I didn’t dare to say that out. Because I feared that the therapy is effective to me only. However, later I found that the therapy is even much more effective in younger patients who have suffered from Parkinson shorter than me. Also, it produces effects more quickly in those patients. This phenomenon is worth celebrating. It’s a gratifying phenomenon.

Mr. CHEUNG :He is the former director of the people’s congress of Dalian, who has suffered from the disease for 11 years. However, We hope patients could see a doctor before their diseases get serious. Otherwise, it’s hard to treat the diseases. So, diseases are relatively easy to treat in their early stages.

YUE Yuan: Obviously, the rehabilitation of each patient is concerned by your employees, who are sitting here. I believe that the gradual resumption of the patients’ health also confirms your work. Let’s applaud for yourselves, OK?OK. Thank you. We know we call doctors “angels in white”. (Yes.)The rehabilitation of each patients is contributed by your painstaking efforts. I believe you have devoted a lot in the rehabilitation of patients. However, I’ve heard that you are not only passionate about work, but also about charity. Is it true?

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes Actually, when I got to know that our therapy can help many people in need, I was wondering how to help more people in need and how to help the elderly when they don’t have a disease. This is the most important. We should help them prevent against diseases before they are unable to walk and suffer from incontinence. Each year, I donate for many patients who need our help. I do donation project every year. Recently, I provided free treatment services for kids with Self-enclosed. Our therapy is very effective. Patients don’t need to take medicine and each of them has achieved great efficacy in treatment. I need to conduct clinical trial on this as well. We need to take some time to conduct clinical trial step by step.

YUE Yuan: But Self-enclosed should belong to a psychological disease. Is it related with brains?

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes. It also related with brains.

YUE Yuan: Yes?

Mr. CHEUNG :It’s closely associated with brains. Yes. We have to do it slowly. This is the same as what we did on Parkinson. We need to make clinical trials to let more people know. As now in my hospital, there are a lot of this kind of autistic child. The treatment for kids with Self-enclosed in our hospital are free.

YUE Yuan: Just mentioned that you are passionate about charity. Actually, you are also very passionate about your own industry. You have mentioned that the therapy used by you is based on wavelength therapy with meridian therapy in traditional Chinese medicine. So, actually you are very passionate about traditional Chinese medicine, right?(Yes.) How did you enter this industry?

Mr. CHEUNG :I am a Chinese. Of course, traditional Chinese medicine is extensive and profound. Therefore, I’m focused on traditional Chinese medicine. Actually, I can see the modern Chinese medicine in the Western countries. I see the modern medicine in Western countries is now faced with a bottleneck. Many diseases are treated with drugs and surgeries. Actually, the effects are very bad. So I must We must find a new approach. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine is worth studying and using. So, I am lucky. I am able to treat the diseases with meridian therapy in traditional Chinese medicine in combination with Western countries’ wavelength medicine. I hope Chinese doctors can cooperate with each other to study this therapy. I hope this therapy could be a good method in the medical industry because it doesn’t require the use of drugs or injections.
YUE Yuan: Who helped you the most?

Mr. CHEUNG :I’m grateful to those who have helped me, my medical team and my patients. My patients give great confidence to me. In 2011, a child aged about 11 and 12 years old was introduced by a doctor to my treatment center. The doctor told me that the child is a patient with Cerebellar problems. He was diagnosed at the Caritas Medical Center which is a Catholic hospital in Hong Kong. The doctor told the child’s mother that his disease is incurable and advised the child not to go to school. In other words, the doctor suggested. the mother to give up. When I saw the child, he was tottering with confused look in eyes. Although I mainly treat Brain problems like Parkinson and Alzheimer problem, I’ve no idea about Brain problems in this area such as Cerebellar problems. His mother requests us to help the child. I said OK. I will try. He turned from a tottering boy who was unable to focus his attention to a student who will go to college as a normal person after being treated by me for one year. He provided me with great help during the one-year treatment, proving that I can treat both elderly and kids. YUE Yuan:He made you more confident. Mr. CHEUNG :Yes. I began to understand the ideas of children, which is very helpful for my later treatment of children with Self-enclosed. So, I would like to say “thank you” to him. Although he is my patient, I’m grateful to him.
YUE Yuan: They also make you very confident,(Yes.)enabling you to continue to devote yourself in the industry. (Yes)What’s your concept in the operation of your hospital?

Mr. CHEUNG :Yes, When you enter our Eaulier hospital, you will see some big characters - “with love and patience, let our patients and elderly feel the love and live with dignity “When you enter the hall. You will see our motto – “Expend the respect of the aged in one’s family to that of other families; expend the love of the young ones in one’s family to that of other families”, a famous maxim by Confucian. I hope this concept can be implemented. My employees can make patients live with dignity.
YUE Yuan: Bring your love to them? (Yes.)We know actually such patients may be a vulnerable group in society. (Yes.) They are suffering in mind.( Yes.)We need to make them regain confidence over life. Firstly, as a doctor, we have to pass on positive energy to them. (Yes.) So your performances and help are great recognition to them.(Yes, that’s right.) What’s your development plan for your hospital?

Mr. CHEUNG :In fact, I hope to be put up for the Nobel Prize in the name of Chinese hospital or Chinese doctors through the launch of this hospital. Because after getting to know that we can treat Parkinson, Brain problems and Cerebellar problems from a talk with patients during a visit to our hospital several years ago, the president of Malaysia’s Tunku Abdul Rahman University, Dr. Cai Xiande was very. surprised. He said people who can treat one of the diseases can win the Nobel Prize. This is what I expect. The second is that to train more Chinese medical staffs at the Eaulier hospital and send them to overseas countries to help foreign patients, so as to raise traditional Chinese medicine’s position. Actually, we have signed a 25-years medical contract with Saudi German Hospital group which owned 8 top-class private hospitals in Mena region asking me to bring Chinese doctors and our technologies there to help them treat patients. Thirdly, I hope more Eaulier hospitals can be launched nationwide along with our elderly-caring houses, because the elderly need our help very much. This will also help our society to solve the aging population problem. Finally, I want to set up an Eaulier disease prevention center in each district to help people with sub-health because many people don’t go to hospital until they are seriously ill. We can treat many kinds of diseases at the rehabilitation center. So you don’t need to go to a hospital and hospitals will become less crowded. This therapy uses no drugs, injection and is non-invasive. We can help patients with a little time each day only. It can also make people healthy, which is worth promoting very much. So I hope more people in the medical community and the society can know us. The problem is that how to promote the industry to the entire world, because traditional Chinese medicine is sure to become the most popular sector in the medical industry in the future.
YUE Yuan: In fact, what touched me is that I asked about your plan and vision about your hospital just now. However, you told me your vision to the entire traditional Chinese medicine sector and the medical science of China. (Yes.)You wanted to say…You want to apply for a Nobel Prize for your therapy. I believe this is your recognition over your specialty, As well as your confirmation of your study over the past 10-20 years. I hope more entrepreneurs, when sitting opposite me, can be so confident to say that with social responsibility. I think this is a thing ought to be done by every entrepreneur. You also said that you want to take this opportunity to bring this technology to the world, treat more patients and bring extensive and profound culture of traditional Chinese medicine to other places in the world, so as to allow traditional Chinese medicine to gain a good position in the entire medical industry of the world.(Yes)I think such a great vision is necessary for every entrepreneur. So I also believe that an entrepreneur with such a great vision can make your hospital better and better, OK? (OK Thank you.)May I wish Mr. Cheung cure more patients based on the realization of his dreams in future development?(Yes, thank you.)OK. Thank you for attending our program, Mr Cheung. Thanks to the live audiences for your arrival. Thanks to our Tv audiences. See you next time.

Mr. CHEUNG :Thank you.