The chairman of the group-Cheung Chun, Luke

Eaulier Medical Technology- Chairman
Eaulier Convalescent Hospital-Chairman
Subhealth pathology research center-Chairman
Zhang Xueliang Foundation-Vice Chairman

  Cheung Chun, Luke, the Chairman of Dalian Eaulier convalescent hospital Co. Ltd. He used the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians and Western Medicine spectral to create Eaulier systemic current treatment method. This method is a non-invasive therapy, which can repair the human cells, and improve the Parkinson, cerebellar problem, sequela of brain problem, Blood sugar problems and bone problems. It is a legend in the medical field and enjoy a high reputation in the international medical community. In recent years, he has been invited as a speaker in the world’s top medical forums several times and interviewed by both CCTV and Phoenix Hong Kong Channel. He committed to promoting Chinese medicine culture and helping more people to stay away from the pain.

  Cheung Chun, Luke has been engaged in brain disease research for many years. He founded Dalian Eaulier Convalescent Hospital Co. Ltd. in 2013. He is currently the chairman and manager of the company and serves as a vice president of the Hong Kong Zhang Xueliang Foundation. In 2010, Mr. Mohamed Sampil, the Ambassador of Guinea to Jakarta was suffering from a serious brain problem and was unable to perform his duties. He was recovered after treating with Eaulier systemic current treatment method and he also re-executed his duties. Mr. Mohamed Sampil’s wife who is a medical expert, graduated in the university of Paris. She though it is unbelievable that this Chinese treatment was so effective for the recovery of her husband. The couple hoped that Eaulier systemic current treatment method could help the medical care of their motherland. In Jun. 2012, Dr. Cheich Alioune CONDE and Mr. Moussa SAMPIL, who are the minister of the interior and the president of National Assembly visited together in the home of Eaulier company in Hong Kong and Guang Zhou. They gave the company highly evaluation. They also invited Mr. Cheung Chun, Luke to set up a hospital in Guinea. In the same year, Mr. Cheung Chun, Luke was appointed as the counsul of Guinea in Guang Zhou. However, because he was busy in focusing on the clinical trials of Eaulier systemic current treatment method and laying the foundation for this therapy, he refused the goodwill of the Guinean government. In addition, he signed a 25-year cooperation agreement with the German hospital in Saudi Arabia and conducted a number of clinical studies in conjunction with the university of Raman. In recent years, he has also been invited to establish comprehensive and stable cooperative relations with large hospitals in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and other countries. This cooperation has achieved ideal achievements.

  Health and beauty international group was founded in 1992. The head office is in the east pearl, Hong Kong, which is recognized as an international financial and trade center. Since its establishment, the group has been operating with “creating a healthy life and achieving a beautiful life” for the core value of the entrepreneurial spirit and pragmatic and stable concept management. Over the years, natural environmental health foods have been the main development market. In 2005, the company introduced the world’s medical innovation technology “Eaulier systemic therapeutic equipment” into the market, and obtained a number of patents and medical recognition, and developed innovative electronic medical technology. The company has achieved rapid development and won recognition from all aspects of society and thousands of consumers.

  Health and beauty international group owns four series of brand products. The cooperative companies include Sianata company from the United States, Coral company from Japan, the “Sheng BaiYi” natural food series developed by far East Biotechnology Company from Taiwan, the “Jiao Meishi” personal care series developed by German SANATUR company, and Eaulier high-tech products which is jointly developed by Japan and our company.

  In 2005, Health and beauty international group introduced high-tech medical products and began to enter the medical industry. It formed a team of Eaulier medical professional experts, concentrated Chinese medicine, Western medicine, natural medicine therapists and the scientific and technical personnel which have established a medical system that combines the traditional meridian therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the biomedical therapy of the modern medicine of the Chinese medicine. In the past 7 years, it has been successfully recognized by Chinese and foreign experts and used in major hospitals. Currently, it has been used in the clinics in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries and regions.

  The Group also established Eaulier Medical Technology Co. Ltd. in 2011. In October 2011, he went to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates to hold a forum for the medical industry. In November of 2011, he participated in the world’s largest medical exhibition, that is Medica 2011, in Dusseldorf, Germany. In January 2012, he went to Dubai Medical Exhibition in the United Arab Emirates and promoted the medical equipment. The medical professionals in the country know about Eualier medical therapeutic therapy method.

  In 2012, it was awarded the world’s top private hospital, and the invitation from the Middle East Saudi Arabian German hospital. They have signed a 25-year contract for the entire hospital in the Middle East and North Africa (www. to provide a full range of Chinese Medicine services. The Eaulier medical group’s including physicians, nurses, and therapists provide innovative Chinese medical technology services to hospitals. This initiative was highly recommended by the Hong Kong Government Trade Development Council and considered to contribute to the promotion of the spirit and philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine.

  As for the cooperation between Health and beauty international group and the top hospitals of Saudi Arabia in German, since 2005, the special treatments of Eaulier medical group have helped many diseases such as brain degeneration, brain problems, sequelae of brain, blood sugar, muscle atrophy caused by bedridden and other chronic diseases of the elderly. The diseases that are not effectively treated in medicine today have extremely obvious curative effects.

  When Saudi Arabian doctors visited Hong Kong’s head office in Hong Kong, they personally experienced the recognition of Eaulier therapy and its efficacy.

  In August 2012, the group began to officially cooperate with the Tunku Abdul Rahman university. Using Eaulier biotechnology medical system, it conducted a number of clinical researches on human brain degeneration, cardiovascular health, tibia strain and antiaging diseases, and jointly established medical clinics and hospitals. Further improved their local residence. The project benefited all mankind and brought a new direction to the field of Chinese medicine. At the same time, the government of Republic of Guinea had a deep recognition of Eaulier in the combination of meridian therapy and believed that its non-invasive therapy was not only extremely effective, but also reduced the use of expectorants. The country had benefited from this, so Mr. Cheung Chun, Luke, the chairman of Eaulier group was appointed as the Consul of Guangzhou in South China. Dr. Yao Feicheng, the group’s chief medical consultant, was the consul of Guinea in Singapore and invited Eaulier group to cooperate with them to open clinics and hospitals in the local area. He hoped to improve the application and practice of Chinese medicine in Africa. Thanks to the Group for its contribution to the country’s sub-health and the research on the above topics.