「Eaulier」systemic therapeutic equipment has been developed by the Japanese scientific and medical community for many years. It is a highly safe biomedical micro-electric energy medical device. Scientists created their unique medical designs with new research techniques. It can increase the body’s bioelectricity, which is extremely beneficial to health and the human body. It enters the human body from the nerves and acupuncture points of the human feet, and then penetrates into the body, blood and tissue to enhance and improve the body’s systemic health. Medical evidence proves: the supplement of human bioelectricity, can effectively stimulate the human nerves and cells, can increase cell energy, can improve cells’ metabolism, can make the cells healthy, and can clear the body’s meridians and microcirculation. It has the functions of balancing the nervous system, improving immunity, removing harmful free radicals, purifying blood, improving blood viscosity, promoting good metabolism and relaxing muscles. It can effectively help the body improve a variety of health problems. Eaulier systemic therapeutic equipment can increase the body’s bioelectricity every day, and it is an advanced scientific and medical instrument with excellent health adjustment function through the international medical examination.
Efficacy Help improve / strengthen human health
A-E efficacy
A Efficacy Regulates systemic function / nervous system
B Efficacy Regulate Digestive system
C Efficacy Regulate circulatory system / Otolaryngology system
D Efficacy Regulatory hormone / lymphatic / endocrine system
E Efficacy Enhance Respiratory System
  • Products Name:Eaulier Systemic Curer
  • Voltage:220V - 240V AC ± 10% (110V AC adapter available)
  • Frequency Range : 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 50W(220V) - 60W(240V)
  • Environmental conditions: Indoor With Temperature 5℃ - 30
  • Transport and storage : -10℃ ~ 50℃ and below 80% R.H.
  • Size:137mm(H) x 432mm(L) x 349mm(W) (packaging 170mm(H) x 470mm(L) x 400mm(W)
  • Weight:Net Weight 3.4KG
  • Gross Weight 5KG(Include packaging and accessories)
  • place of production : Japan


  • Power cord * 1
  • Electrodes linking wire * 1
  • Electrodes panels * 1
  • Manual * 1
  • Electrodes * 4
  • Foot Gel * 1
  • Remote * 1
  • Bags * 1